The Office of the City Planning and Development Coordinator (OCPDC) is the agency mandated to prepare comprehensive plans and other development planning documents; analyse the income and expenditure; formulate and recommend fiscal plans and policies for consideration of the finance committee of the City Government of Davao and monitor and evaluate the implementation of the different programs, projects and activities of the city government.

There are 8 divisions that comprise the Office, to wit:

  1. Zoning and Enforcement Division – primarily enforces the City’s Zoning Ordinance, including land use classification and allowable uses;
  2. Housing and Homesite Development Division – handles concerns on the City’s housing projects, including relocation sites and coordination with national agencies;
  3. Research and Statistics Division – handles the economic sector as well as data collection, researches, and submission of the City’s entries for awards;
  4. Plans and Programs Division – handles the infrastructure sector including barangay proposals, the City’s LDIP and AIPs, big ticket projects, and other plans mandated by laws and national line agencies;
  5. Project Monitoring and Evaluation Division – handles the social sector, including project monitoring with other government agencies and the submission of accomplishment reports, among other functions;
  6. Geographical Information Systems Unit – primarily operates the mapping system of the City, data banking/ computations of land use, and handles the environmental sector of the office’s functions;
  7. Ad Interim Office of the City Architect – handles the architectural plans of the City;
  8. Administrative Division – the support arm of the Office, including the processing of office requests and personelling.