The Food for Work Program of the City Government of Davao is the localized version of the World Food Program and the Food for Work Program of the President. The city’s program was also dubbed as “Bayanihan ni Inday sa Barangay”. It embarks the active participation of the community itself in terms of maintaining and developing their barangay environment. This will do away the marginalized sector expecting dole outs from the government but devoting their time and energy into taking steps out of hunger otherwise food as an incentive of their voluntary services.

The Davao City Food for Work Program is in line with the Davao City’s Environment Enhancement Program, a Community-based program which requires barangay participation or augmentation especially on drainage clean-up, road and island maintenance, coastal clean-up, urban greening, reforestation and watershed rehabilitation. The Food for Work Program covers 182 barangays, identifying the 31 coastal and riverbanks areas and 54 flood prone barangays as priority areas of implementation.

The Office of the City Mayor is the lead agency in coordination with the following offices:

CPDO – Planning and coordination
CENRO – IEC and actual implementation supervision related to its mandate
City Engineer’s Office – identification of flood prone areas, actual implementation supervision
CSSDO – verification / certificate of indigence, distribution of goods
Barangay Cultural Communities Affairs Division, CMO – coordination with the barangays, distribution of goods after the work
City Health Office – Health and Sanitation IEC and medical assistance