The Office of the City Planning and Development Coordinator is currently one of the nineteen (19) departments under the City Government of Davao with mandated functions provided in the Local Government Code. The office is actually tasked to mainstream programs, projects and activities of the City Government for implementation contributing to the realization of the City’s Vision.

Constant coordination with all departments as well as concerned national agencies is being maintained by the office to properly disseminate information that is necessary for the accomplishment of the City Mayor’s commitment to the people of Davao City.

Various services in the fields of Zoning Enforcement, Project Monitoring and Evaluation, Housing and Homesite, and Geographic Information are extended by the office to the general public to aid the people in whatever related concerns they may have. These major functions of the office also serve as tool in assisting the City Mayor as well as the Legislative Body of the City Government in carrying out their task for the greater good of the City.